Environmental Health and Safety Mission Statement

APAC-Mississippi/Tennessee values the Safety and Health of each employee, contractor, and member of the public and strives to protect its most valuable assets, the employees. The Company is uncompromising in its commitment to eliminate harm. As a Company we will continually improve our training, processes, and programs, along with demonstrating leadership and ownership in order to build a strong employee driven safety culture, at all levels of the organization. In order to accomplish this the Company is committed to the following:

  • Eliminate Harm
  • Develop a strong Employee Driven Safety Culture at all levels, where every employee is directly involved in the Safety Process each and everyday
  • Being a proactive continually learning organization, one that examines all task completely, fully investigates all incidents, and utilizes employee groups to develop solutions
  • Provide strong unwavering management support to the safety culture
  • Complying with and exceeding all Federal, State, and Local Environmental, Health, and Safety regulations and requirements
  • Assure compliance with all company Environmental, Health, and Safety Policies and Programs
  • Providing quality, interactive, engaging and industry leading Training for all employees
  • Commit sufficient resources and time to support current safety efforts and developing new and innovative employee lead solutions to eliminate or reduce risk

APAC-Mississippi/Tennessee is committed to setting the highest standard for Safety, Health, and Environmental in our industry and achieving “world-class” performance in these areas. The Company will strive to being the safest and most rewarding work place to benefit all employees, contactors, and the public; therefore, becoming the employer of choice. With everyone working together, this can be achieved.