APAC-Mississippi/Tennessee is an asphalt paving and construction materials company with 20 asphalt plants, 17 constructions crews, 10 sand & gravel operations, one limestone quarry and 4 stone yards/river unload operations. We have production facilities in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri from which we produce and provide hot and cold mix asphalt, sand, gravel and limestone products to service the needs of our customers. Our construction crews provide professional, high quality asphalt paving and cold milling services.

We are part of the CRH Americas Materials, Inc. family of companies – with operations in 46 U.S. states and international locations under publicly held parent company CRH, PLC.  We are staffed and managed locally – living and contributing daily in the many communities in which we operate.

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What our Customers are Saying


“APAC is a solid company that performs solidly to meet tough project requirements. Their excellent management personnel who execute the work have exceeded our expectations. Our experience with APAC is summed up in the word ‘partnership.’”

– John Parker, Anderson Contracting, LLC


“We do business with APAC because they are a dependable company that we can count on. APAC has several pits that service our area and strive to get us what we need and keep us supplied with quality materials. The sales and service team keep us up to date on changes/problems that might arise which gives us the opportunity to make different arrangements when need be. I have been very pleased with the sales team and their willingness to help us out however they can.I feel that we have a partnership with APAC, meaning, we are both working on a common goal. They want to give us their best product, so we can give our customers our best product.”


– Gary Scott, MMC Materials