APAC Asphalt Production Manager David Sansing Retires

APAC Asphalt Production Manager David Sansing retires after 46 years of loyal, dedicated service to the company.

On June 2, we announced the retirement of APAC Asphalt Production Manager David Sansing. David held multiple roles — from Mechanic to Shop Foreman, Equipment Manager to Sand & Gravel Production Manager — in a career with APAC that spanned four decades. In his most recent position as Asphalt Plant Production Manager, he oversaw plants in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

During his 46 years with the company, David became a highly valued member of the APAC team. His contributions were instrumental to the success and growth of the company. He played a vital role in the consolidation of three OpCo’s in Mississippi and in the integration of APAC Tennessee. His knowledge and expertise made him indispensable, while his work ethic and leadership made him a source of inspiration for all who worked with him.

“David is a living legend in the asphalt industry,” said APAC President Nate Killingsworth. “His knowledge, experience, and most importantly, his dedication to his employees, will not be easily replaced. I feel blessed to have had a chance to work with David.”

The kind of guy who never says no to a challenge, David is a team player through and through. From his mechanical knowledge of APAC assets and his quality control expertise to his advanced understanding of customer relations and his willingness to help any coworker, David never hesitated to step up and give his best every day.

Echoed throughout APAC is a company-wide appreciation and gratitude for David’s years of loyal, dedicated service. He is a man who will be missed. We will also miss David’s cooking expertise — and are sincerely hoping he will still make time to join us for APAC cookouts well into the future.

Upon David’s retirement, Carl Pittman was named APAC’s new Asphalt Plant Production Manager. In this role, Carl oversees 20 asphalt plant operations for APAC, and the four Asphalt Plant Superintendents — Mike Grantham, Brandon McGarrity, Michael Hall and Randy Bradshaw — now report to him.

We congratulate Carl on his promotion, and we wish David all the best in his well-earned retirement as he looks forward to spending more time enjoying life with his wife Olivia and their children and grandchildren.