2024 is APAC Mississippi/Tennnessee’s Year of the Foreperson

At all the companies within the CRH Midsouth Materials Region, 2024 has been named the Year of the Foreperson. As a region, we are coming together to bring recognition to all our forepeople and the many responsibilities that they take on within their role.

The Foreperson is the backbone of our operations and ensures the success in each and every job. A foreperson is expected to be an operations expert, an impactful leader, a safety and environmental champion, and a quality guru all while balancing personal responsibilities at home. This means that our forepeople must be able to lead, communicate, and connect. It is a demanding job, but the rewards are unending.

Over 100 forepeople across the region perform their duties day in and day out. The purpose of giving 2024 this title is to celebrate their hard work and dedication, as well as give everyone a better understanding of the role of a foreperson. As the year unfolds, there will be opportunities for everyone to learn more about this role and engage in our pursuit to continue this excellence well into the future by preparing our next generation of leaders.

APAC Mississippi/Tennessee, Inc, as a part of the Midsouth Materials Region, will be participating in this program along with various ways to recognize this group. We look forward to communicating what is to come for this year, as we have many exciting plans in store – videos, employee spotlights, learning activities, and special recognitions.