APAC Welcomes its 2023 Summer Interns

APAC welcomed eight interns to its 2023 summer internship program. Company leadership and mentors hosted an orientation event at APAC’s main office in Richland May 15.

On May 15, APAC hosted an orientation for its 2023 summer intern class at APAC’s main office in Richland. We welcomed eight interns from five universities — The University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, University of Southern Mississippi, Alcorn State University and University of Alaska Fairbanks.

With majors and degrees in various areas of study — including business management, human resources, accounting, construction management, mining engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, sustainable mining and remediation management — our interns represent a diverse set of talents and interests, and we are happy to have them join us this summer.

University education and degrees are vital for many careers and can provide an important foundation for students entering the work force. But there is simply no substitute for first-hand experience.

APAC’s summer intern program is designed to cultivate industry talent and provide real-world opportunities for students to learn and grow in their desired career fields. To that end, each intern is paired with an APAC mentor who helps guide them during the course of the program. Providing an important counterbalance to on-the-job training and working on team projects, a one-on-one mentorship gives each intern an opportunity to ask questions and seek feedback as they develop new skills and gain an up-close understanding of what it’s like to work in a particular position or department.

During the May 15 orientation, the interns were welcomed with a kick-off speech from APAC President Nathan Killingsworth and met their mentors who provided an overview of intern projects. Following a construction presentation and safety orientation, the interns went on site visits that afternoon and the following day.

After meeting our new interns in person, we are even more impressed. This year’s class boasts an exceptional group of individuals, and it is our pleasure to introduce and welcome them into APAC’s 2023 Summer Intern program.

Thomas Graham, University of Mississippi, Accounting
Mentor: Sharon Zillinger, Accounting

Omar Chowdhury, Mississippi State University, Engineering and Sustainable Mining
Mentor: David Farrish, Aggregates

Deontavis Duckworth, Alcorn State University, Civil Engineering
Mentor: Carl Pittman, Asphalt Plants

Olivia Dupuy, Mississippi State University, Civil Engineering
Mentor: Carl Pittman, Asphalt Plants

Uthej Veerla, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Engineering Mining
Mentor: Adam Eatherton, Brickey’s Quarry

Pheathur Edwards Jr., University of Southern Mississippi, Construction Management
Mentor: Matt Smith, Construction

Krimel Chandler, University of Mississippi, Business Management & Human Resources
Mentor: Dawana Parker, Human Resources

Payton Spears, University of Southern Mississippi, Construction Management
Mentor: James Williams, Quality Control