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Man Hours since Last Lost Time Injury

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Rickey Harper started working for APAC-MS South in May of 1990 as a laborer. He watched and learned how to operate equipment from his mentor, Mr. Alex Epps. In fact, he learned so much about equipment that he can now operate anything we have on the job which includes the Milling Machine and has earned the Title of Milling Crew Foreman.
Rickey has been married to his wonderful wife, Sherry, for 26 years. They have 1 daughter, Tabitha, and he has 1 grandson, Eli, which he says is his whole life. Rickey loves to go ìhand grabbingî for Catfish and loves to go hunting too. All of which his little shadow, Eli, follows right along by his side. He loves spending time with Eli and teaching him everything he knows. In fact, he has Eli already operating a mini excavator at the age of 6!
Some of Rickeyís favorite memories of working here at APAC is wrestling with Phillip Foreman while they were on the job at Highland Colony Parkway. When asked the reason for wrestling with Phillip he replied it is just what we did just to see who could throw who!

In closing he wanted to leave us with a few words of wisdom.
If you want to do a good job, take pride in what you do and do it to the best of your ability ñ always remember that God comes first ñ treat people with respect that respects you, respect is earned, not expected.

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