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Man Hours since Last Lost Time Injury

APAC-Tennessee, Inc

Joey Elmore is our Columbus Branch featured employee of the month. Joey began working for APAC in August of 1980. Joey lives in Alabama, wife his wife and one child. He has two other children with four grandchildren.

Joey was selected by his peers for going out of his way to help a stranded female that was moving from Starkville to Tuscaloosa. She was on her way back to Starkville to pick up her children and had a flat tire.

Joey stopped and attempted to replace her flat when he discovered that her spare was flat also. She was very distraught and he took her to get a new tire. Joey bought her a tire and a cold drink as she had no money
to pay for it. He took her back and put her tire on and sent her on her way to pick up her children.

Thanks Joey for your dedication and hard work and for going above and beyond on the job and off.

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