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Man Hours since Last Lost Time Injury

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Bit Dunnagan is our River Unload Superintendent. He started with APAC Memphis in 2005, and has been working on the Mighty Mississippi for 40 years. Bit was nominated as our January MVP for his willingness to always help regardless of the situation or circumstance.

On December 27, 2017 Bit brought his crew in to unload a barge, and while they were working he noticed a man that happened to be walking along the bank. He helped this man get to safety and then called 911 because he could not remember any information about himself other than his name. The Memphis Police had been looking for this man the entire night because he was a missing person. Had Bit not came into work that day or been aware of his surroundings, he might have never noticed this individual and the outcome could have been unthinkable.

Thank you Bit for always helping the TEAM!

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